Are you nervous about giving a wedding speech?

  • Want just a little bit of help?

    Follow along with my online video training courses to help you plan, write and deliver an amazing wedding speech

  • Need a bit more help?

    Get access to the online course plus get one to one coaching to help you with editing and delivering your speech

  • Completely lost?

    Don’t panic! We can write your script together, you get access to the online training course and the one to one coaching to help you deliver a truly memorable wedding speech

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How can I help you with your Wedding Speech?

Video Training Courses

Follow along with my full video training tutorials step by step to help you to prepare and deliver a fantastic wedding speech

Only € 29.99
One-to-One Coaching

Get full access to the video training tutorials plus online coaching sessions over Skype to plan, prepare and perfect your speech

From € 195
Full Speech Service

Full access to video training tutorials plus online consultation sessions to prepare and edit your script and online coaching sessions

From € 345